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How to Choose the Right Golf Putter for Your Game

There’s nothing worse than consitently missing putts, especially short ones.This could be that your putter isn’t quite right for your golf game. While many golfers choose their putters based on looks or price, it’s important that you find a putter that best suited to your golf game, and one that will help you make more putts. With just a little bit of research, you can find the perfect putter to help you shave strokes off your game and beat your buddies! Of course you will need to practice your putting, but having the right Putter will make your practice time more rewarding.

The different styles of golf putters

There are a number of different styles of golf putters, so you'll need to know what putter best suits your putting stroke and style in order to choose the right one. Today we're going to explain two types of golf putters:  Each has its own benefits, but it's important that you choose a style that works well with your particular putting stroke. 

Face Balanced Putters

This type of putter is suited for golfers with a straight back and through putting stroke with minimal arc. You can determine if a putter is face balanced by balancing the putter shaft on your index finger horizontally if the putter face points to the sky the putter is face balanced.

Example of a face balanced putter the Odyssey two ball Putter
Odyssey Two Ball Putter

Toe Hang Putters

This type of putter is suited for golfers with slight to moderate putting stroke. Same as above you can determine if a putter is toe balance by balancing the putter shaft on your index finger horizontally if the putter face points to the ground the putter is toe balanced.

Example of a toe hang putter the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 

Scotty Cameron Putter


What to look for when buying a golf putter

When choosing a golf putter, you want one that feels comfortable and suits your putting stroke (face balanced or toe hang). The overall length of the putter, weight of the putter and the grip of the putter all should be chosen with comfort in mind. Once you have made the decision you should have your putter lie angle checked to enusure that your putter sits flat for the best alignment possible.


The benefits of using a proper fitted golf putter

Golf putters are arguably the most important club in your golf bag as they are the club that puts the ball in the hole. Taking the time to research and determine the best suited putter for your game will pay off in the end. There are alot of golfers using the wrong style of putter for their stroke. Once you pick a putter and determine it is right for your putting stroke, make an appointment with a certified PGA of Canada Professional or Certified club fitter to ensure the putter specs are dialed in.

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