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Pelz Player Island Green Golf Kit

by Pelz
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Developed by legendary instructor Dave Pelz, the Island Green Golf Kit gives you a fun way to play and practice golf at the cottage, the pool, the beach or anywhere you can float it!

The kit includes two floating balls targets, two anchor ropes, 12 floating golf balls, on golf ball range bag, one hitting mat and Dave Pelz designed games and instruction sheet.


  1. Set up your kit by inflating target pool and utilizing anchor rope with a weight of your choice to position your target.
  2. Place hitting mat on safe place on dock or shore.
  3. Floater golf balls and basket will have 24 balls with four colour sets.
  4. Retrieve balls from lake or pool safely.
  5. Please play responsively and retrieve all balls from lake or water.


  • Each kit has a target pool, and four sets of colour marked balls to play individual and team events.
  • Scoring can be 5 points per ball in target pool and 1 point for hitting the pool.
  • The distance and position of pool can vary per event creating a number of holes.
  • Make up your own games and competitions.