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Raflewski Tour Putting Mat

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The Putting Mat is designed to work with The Raflewski Ruler and Discs & Dots to make a  complete Putting Learning Program.

Canada PGA Teacher of the Year and highly sought-after Tour coach Gareth Raflewski collabs with Catalyst Golf to bring golfers of all skill levels his first Putting Mat. Gareth uses custom putting mats in his training academies to teach the best players int he world how to hone in their putting and green reading skills. Now you can take him Gareth's first Putting Mat to use indoors to set up your own putting studio.

Gareth's putting training aids are designed to work together to create a complete Putting Program. Use the Raflewski Tour Putting Mat along with his Putting Ruler, Putting Discs, and Putting Cups, and you will be competing at a higher level soon!

The Putting Mat comes with instructions, drills and tips that will help you improve your aim, speed, and distance. Be sure to sign up for the Catalyst Golf newsletter to keep informed on videos and tips coming soon.

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