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Sure Shot Pinloc 5000ips Range Finder

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The SureshotLaser 5000IPS is locked and loaded with both intelligence and Pulse. For those wanting to make better decisions with greater accuracy, Slope mode is also included in this model. You’ll never have to guess again when gradients are in play. Slope mode accurately measures exact shot distances to the pin whether on an uphill or downhill slope. This model comes in an eye-catching gold colour. 

  •  Intelligent Pulse features activates on lock in
  •  Slope mode allows for uphill or downhill gradients [turn on or off] for greater accuracy.
  •  Priority Loc - ignores background images and will prioritise focal points
  •  PinLoc - lock onto a target and the distance is displayed on screen for 15 seconds
  •  Scan mode - scan the entire terrain and their distances quickly
  •  6x Magnification for a clearer more precise view
  •  Water resistant

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